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Many different locations around the world where you can test the web page load speed

“2019 will be the year of page speed for every business marketing online. Companies that can deliver lightning-fast user experiences will see a first-mover advantage – better Quality Scores, higher Ad rank, and more leads and sales.”

Many site owners, marketers and website administrators have heard at least once of the importance of page load time. The faster your website loads, the more money it brings in. This information is not a secret anymore. Many of you are aware that slow webpages limit your business.

If it is the first time you have heard that delivering speedy pages is very important for your business successes, do not worry. You can effortlessly find tons of theoretical information on Google or in our Knowledge base. Everything you need to know for now to be involved (data is based on Soasta’s report and Google Analytics):

1 second delay in page load time results in a 20% reduction in conversion rate.

2 seconds delay will cost you a 37% decrease in conversions.

1 second slowdown causes bounce rates to go down by as much 53% for mobile users.

Add 2 seconds increase to that and it goes to 103% for mobiles and 60% for desktops.

1 second delay correlates with a 25% decrease in session length.

Lengthening page load speeds by as little as 2 seconds shortens the time customers spend on your site up to 50%.

Almost every year authoritative companies such as Google or Akamai conduct studies about page speed and consumers’ behavior. Their reports confirm website users prefer fast-loading pages. People are more willing to return to such fast as lightning websites. This trend grows every year. So it becomes critical to have the fastest site possible.

Many of you have probably read hundreds of articles and reviews on this topic. You have likely used dozens of tools, allowing you to receive data and collect useful information on your website load time. We assume you applied gained knowledge in practice and even had some results. Perhaps some of you even turned to SEO marketing agencies that offer expensive services for improving your website optimization and speeding up your webpage load time and then you got some increase in your website income. It would seem everyone knows enough and has even some results. But is it indeed something to worry about?​

What remains hidden from you?

There are no tools in the public domain that make it possible to check in practice how much the choice of location can influence the page load time. You can’t see with your own eyes that the website speed is actually any different.

Today, the information that site speed depends on server location /where your site is located/ is at the level of a theoretical concept for most people.

No authoritative source, including Google or SOASTA, provides simple and clear explanations about what to do with the data and information obtained using their test tools.

The Internet is full of recommendations on how to increase the speed of page loading if you have a good budget. All free tips are general, so it does not take into account the uniqueness of your website.

So? What do we have? On the one hand, you need to get your website to load faster. On the other hand, you have a lack of clear information and no right strategy to do it.

What do we offer?

We give anyone a free opportunity to check on all the theoretical information about webpage speed in practice. This online project was launched exactly for this purpose.

And here is the key of our online experiment: we created a static webpage and hosted it on different locations around the world. The same page – but in different countries and cities. We did this so you can test each page location, and collect information about its load speed at different times of the day for different cities and countries.

In addition, we composed a real working guide on “How to increase the profitability of your web project” with a list of methods explaining “How to speed up your site.”

Thus, you will have a complete set of tools and strategies to verify all theoretical information in practice, improve the performance of your Internet resources and draw your own conclusions that, we hope, you will share with us here and with your colleagues and friends.

What do you get?

Experience confirmed by yourself. Data you know for sure is correct without hearing it in someone else’s words.

The instructions on how to use the information you collected during testing – a step-by-step guide “How to increase profitability of your website by reducing page load time.”

Let's start testing

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