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Webpage load time testing tools

Who likes slow sites? Today it is essential to have a speedy website. Why is it so important? You can read about that here. Google has set page speed in search rankings. Some companies have done researches on page load time importance. If you want your business to grow, you should control how fast your site load on a mobile, desktop or tablet browser. 

Our team has launched an online project that will help you to solve the issue with the loading speed of your website and increase the profitability of your business. To do your own tests, you need a trusted tool to check the time taken to load your website’s pages.

Page speed checker tools can be divided into three main groups. Most of page speed analyzers give you actionable info along with the following to optimize your site for fast loading: page load time, page size, the code of the server and so on.

1. Special services that show the loading time of a webpage for areas located in different geographical regions.

When working with such resources, it is important to ensure that the response of the web server corresponds to code 200, and the page size in kilobytes is the same for all displayed locations. In tests conducted using these tools, only the transmission speed of the html page code matters.


Tools from this group of services will help you to find the right location for your website.

2. A group of services that make it possible to analyze the loading time of all page elements. You can also take into account the processing time of connection protocols with their help.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights – – the most popular tool.
  • Pingdom –
  • GTmetrix –
  • Web Page Analyzer –

3. Extensions and plugins for browsers that calculate the loading time of a web page in your browser.

  • the FireBug extension is for the Firefox browser
  • PageSpeed Insights is for Chrome

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