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The speed of web site loading matters a lot! 

How much profits does your internet project lose because of page load delays?

If you already know how much more you can earn on your website, then we invite you to join our online project of page load time testing

To estimate correct webpage load time, first you need to determine what is considered as the norm (optimal value). For example, the results obtained by us in the course of our testing, make it possible to count 1 second as a normal time for a webpage of 500 kbytes to load. 

As we have mentioned before, there are many opinions. Someone says 400 milliseconds is the normal time for a web page to load, another person considers the optimal time to be 2-3 seconds. As you can see, research data varies. Moreover, there are separate calculations for mobile and tablet devices.

We propose to rely on the average calculations made by Google. And please remember that every website is unique, so it requires an individual approach if you want to get high accuracy in your calculations.

The first thing you need to know to get started is how long it takes for your website to open. To do this, you can try this handy page load time testing tool or use what you know.

The calculating formula for desktop devices looks like this:

(Your real loading time – 1.8 seconds) x 20 = Potential profit you can earn in %

Why did it take 1.8 seconds? Look at next picture and you’ll find an answer. Thus, if we are going to calculate potential profit for a mobile device site, it should take 2.7 seconds.

The calculation formula for mobile devices looks like this:

(Your real loading time – 2.7 sec.) x 20 = Potential profit you can earn in %

Let’s take an example:

Your website load time on a desktop device is 5 seconds. We substitute the numbers in our formula and we get: 

(5 – 1.8) х 20 = 64 % – additional profit you could earn.

You may ask why multiply by 20? The answer is here. Every 1 second of page load delay costs site owners 20% of their profit.

We remind you that such calculations are rather approximate. However, you may agree that such numbers like 64% of lost profit at least give you a reason to think. If your results appear to be 0%, please, take our congratulations, but there is no limit to perfection. 

We hope our calculations have inspired you to move on, to get valuable information so you can increase the profitability of your business project. We invite you to join our real time experiment of page load time testing to figure out how to increase your own website speed.

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