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Stop guessing and start testing

Did the same page open with different speeds
What is this project all about?

The main point of our experiment is testing in practice all theoretical ideas about the importance of web page load speed increase.

Information about the importance of site speed appeared on the Web more than 10 years ago. The weight of this factor increases every day. Based on the statements from Google and a number of reputable companies, website load speed plays a significant role in calculating the profitability of an online business. This is true for both PC sites and mobile applications.

Perhaps you have already read hundreds or even thousands of articles about page load time or heard a lot of statements from some important people from the world of SEO. This is good, but it is better to make sure yourself instead of reading or listening to someone else’s thoughts. Only in this way you can get any confidence in the veracity of the information. We suggest you stop trusting the data without confirmation. Let’s test it ourselves and see what happens instead of guessing.

The essence of our project is as follows: we have developed one static html-page and hosted it in different locations around the world. We maximally reduced the side effects that could affect the purity of our experiment. 

Starting conditions

Static page.

This means that when the page loads, time is not spent on the execution of scripts, because scripts simply do not exist.

The page is small in size.

It is only 1Mb. So, it almost does not create a load on a web server. And this is important, since we want to see the influence of a location instead of a lack of computing power.

All pages are hosted on virtual private servers (VPS) in different data centers located in different cities and countries.

VPS has the resources to ensure the simultaneous opening of several thousand pages without delay = powerful enough.

On average a 1 second delay in the time of page loading costs a website owner 20% of his profits (based on Akamai’s research). You can find out approximately how much it costs you here. So how can you best use this information and start earning more?

To get started, test the next five pages yourself using a page load time testing tool. As you understand, these are five equal pages hosted in different locations. Check out the data thoughtfully.

Are you convinced now that an absolutely identical webpage, but one that’s located on different hosts, loads at different speeds? So if a page opening time is different, then we will have a different conversion in each case. Where the page opens faster, there will be higher profitability for your web business.

We hope that you understand our example and will draw your own conclusions. Now you can move on and start reading our 5 step walkthrough guide ,“How speed up you website.

If you know what to do without our advice, then the full catalog of experiment pages is here at your service. You can start testing right now.

Let's read the guide

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Let's start testing